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Community Promotion - Animation Cel Caption Contest

Dear Moderators,

I have reviewed the user information for your community and either did not locate any rules forbidding the promotion of communities, or have felt that your rules allowed such promotion. Please note that if you feel that this promotion is outside of the rules and regulations of proper posting guidelines within your community I am more than willing to delete my post and offer my most sincere apologies. Please comment to this entry stating that you are a moderator and would like this entry removed if such is the case. Thank you!

Dear Members,

I am here to promote a newly formed community. Do you like to read amusing captions to some of your favorite anime (or many obscure anime)? Would you like to participate in captioning animation cels? Would you just enjoy viewing some of the more wacky animation cels available from various anime? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please check out our community!

Image hosted by

Thank you for your time and attention!

Cross Posted To Various Related Communities.
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