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Introduction Post

Konbonwa, minna-san!

I know that I found this community in an effort to promote my own community some (see previous post), but I must say that I was glad to see a Mamotte Shugogetten community. I didn't think there would be any fans. Most people don't even know what the series is when I mention it! I've only seen a few episodes, and have been unable to find them online anywhere for download. I haven't heard anything about lisencing, but I wish that a company (that isn't like 4Kids or anything horrid like that) will get a hold of it. Even if I had everything on the computer, I would STILL buy the dvds (as long as they are subtitled). I'm a consumer whore.

My favorite character is Ruan, and it seems that there are VERY few people who care for her (and very MANY ways of spelling her name... does anyone know the "correct" way?). I am a cosplayer and hope to some day cosplay as Ruan. The only merchandice I have is a pencil board, a hentai doujinshi of Shaolin, and a wall scroll with Ruan and Shaolin sitting on top of their magical items (great, it has been so long I have forgotten what their items are called! *dies*) with Rishu sitting on Shaolin's lap (I believe). It's really very pretty, and I was so happy to have found a cloth wall scroll of the show!

Anyway, I know that this community is fairly quiet. I hope that things pick up a bit more.
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